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Best Braces for Golfer's Elbow

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Best braces for golfer's elbow

As we quickly move into summer, Golfer’s elbow, Baseball elbow, also known as medial epicondylitis, is the absolute last thing you want to have to deal with.

(I will be using the terms Golfer’s Elbow, Baseball elbow, and medial epicondylitis interchangeably in this article as they are all the exact same thing, pain in the tendon where it attaches to the bony bump on the inner part of the elbow.)

As someone who has dealt with golfer’s/baseball elbow for the last 4 years and as a former collegiate and semi-professional baseball player, I feel like I definitely have a good leg to stand on when talking about this issue.

Because of the way the wrist and arm is torqued and twisted when throwing a ball at high velocity or when swinging a golf club (or weight training, for that matter) huge strain is place on the tendons and ligaments on the inner part of the elbow.

This can result in pain that builds up over time and gradually gets worse, or it can all come at you in one swoop if you sprain/strain it. This is what happened to me- one throw across the baseball diamond and I felt excruciating pain in my inner elbow. However, before this I also had nagging pain from Golfer’s elbow as well that built up over time.

So, that is why I made this list! I understand how serious of an issue golfer’s elbow and baseball elbow can be, and I also realize that there are a variety of ways to go about treating it and preventing it, with a variety of different braces.

The following list of 5 (I like to keep my lists short, so you only see the best) are the best braces and supports for golfer’s elbow I have ever come across that have been used by myself and/or teammates.

While some are great for serious injuries, others are great for minor soreness as well- while others are good for everything in between.

1. Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Strap

Like most Bauerfeind products, this one is one of my personal favorites. This elbow strap is so great because it provides TARGETED compression to your inner elbow where the pain is.

It works through the special pad, which has five points (or nubs) that presses directly against the hurt tendons of your golfer’s or baseball elbow.

This pad pressing into your tendon not only provides excellent support in the same way any tendon strap would, but they also provide a massage and activate the muscle to increase recovery.

The best part about this product? The fit. While it uses velcro, it also uses the “BOA” closure system, which Bauerfeind has used to great effect. Essentially, incredibly durable wires are in the brace that are tightened when you turn the knob (pictured). This allows for the perfect amount of compression and tightness that is easily adjustable on the fly.

The BOA system is much better than velcro and it shows, and this is one of the best products for targeted relief of golfer’s elbow I’ve ever seen. It’s comfortable and durable, and most importantly, it WORKS.

And for a bonus, you can flip the brace around if you have tennis elbow (pain on the tendons of the outer elbow instead of inner) and it works equally as well!

2. DonJoy Performance Deluxe Knit Elbow Sleeve- With Compression Strap!

DonJoy is a truly awesome brand that I have used for over a decade for a variety of bracing needs (knee, elbow…) and they have never let me down. That is partially why I chose this excellent elbow sleeve over many others on the market.

It’s important to realize that this product by DonJoy is much more than a simple compression sleeve, although those certainly do have their place for dealing with tendonitis and baseball elbow.

While it is a compression sleeve, it also has two large compression pads that press against the tendons on BOTH sides of the elbow for a bit extra.

My favorite feature? The compression strap.

While it seems inconspicuous, in my opinion it’s the very best part of this elbow brace. It wraps around the entire elbow with velcro and you can obviously control how tight or loose it is.

When I tighten the compression strap around my elbow, I still feel an amazing relief from pain in the tendons when exercising or throwing- like I said, it seems simple but it’s a top notch product.

While it won’t give you as much support as the Bauerfeind sports elbow strap or Bauerfeind sports elbow brace, this is a tremendous product for minor to moderate discomfort.

Think this is what you’re looking for? Check it out on Amazon.

3. Bauerfeind EpiTrain Elbow Support

The Bauerfeind Epitrain elbow brace is a staple for me when dealing with inner elbow pain/golfer’s elbow.

This is probably the most comfortable brace on the list (besides the bonus ;) ) due to the knit design and comfortable compression that is tight but not restrictive.

Unlike some of the other braces here, this is one that you could wear all day. Which is why I also recommend this brace specifically for golf. While you may not get the massive amount of support and tight compression needed for certain high stress activities, the comfortable compression and massaging gel pads on the sides of this brace make it easy to wear it for a full 18 holes.

The stabilizing pads on the inner and outer elbow are perfect as they keep you supported while also gently massaging and activating the inner tendons- making this brace perfect for recovery as well as minor to moderate support. Did I mention it is comfortable?!

Is this what you’re looking for? Take a closer look directly on Amazon.

4. Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Brace

best brace for golf

Ok, this thing is a beast, and the real deal.

If you’ve turned on Major League Baseball lately, you’ve seen one of these on the arm of Bryce Harper, and also George Springer.

I won’t ramble on too long about this product as I reviewed it fully here. But still, it deserves a place of honor on this list.

This elbow brace is for those of us with severe golfer’s elbow or baseball elbow as gives the highest amount of support.

Using the BOA support system with the knob to tighten the strings throughout the brace, it works to “cushion” the elbow tendons against painful movements.

It’s actually pretty amazing- if you start to put too much strain on your inner elbow, you will feel the resistance from the brace slowing you down a bit with no loss of performance.

OR, if you’ve already made up your mind, check it out here, directly on Amazon.

5. EC3D Elbow Compression sleeve

best sleeve for golfer's elbow

Of course, any list on dealing with golfer’s elbow or baseball elbow wouldn’t be complete without a good old fashioned compression sleeve.

How, this sleeve is a lot better and more rugged than your average lycra compression sleeve and is perfect for those of you who only need minor support.

If you only have minor soreness in your elbow, this is the perfect support for you. It’s super comfortable and you can wear it all day, and it also doesn’t slip at all on your arm.

If you’ve already made up your mind, check it out on Amazon!


Sticro Heated Elbow Brace

While this isn’t really an elbow ‘brace’ that you can use while exercising per say, I still really wanted to include it on this list as a tremendous product that helps with tendon and muscular pain in the elbow.

While I do not own this product, one of my very close friends who I played baseball with for years does. They swear by it and use it every night for their own golfer’s elbow, so I really felt like some people could benefit from it!

Essentially, this is an electric elbow brace that you can plug in to provide heat, either dry or wet. It also is an elbow brace of sorts, as it keeps your elbow braced while you use it and as it provides heat to aid the healing process of your damaged tendons.

If you need some help with recovery for your golfer’s elbow, take a look at the Sticro heated elbow brace directly on Amazon.

I think that’s all for now. I truly hope these products on the list help you in your journey to be pain free!

Until next time!


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