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Stoko K1 Tempo- Complete Review!

Please remember that we are not medical professionals, and this advice is only based on my own personal experiences. Learn more.


stoko k1 tempo review
The Stoko K1 Tempo- Supportive Apparel!

Hello everybody! Thank you again for joining me for my next review- this time, I will be looking at the Stoko K1 Tempo after I tried the K1 Flux last year (also by Stoko) and loved them.


Remember my complete review of the Stoko K1 Flux? (If not, you can find it here)


Unsurprisingly, it quickly became one of the most popular pages on my entire website. Who would have thought that so many people were looking for a revolutionary knee support that wasn’t a bulky brace but sleek, streamlined, and comfortable compression pants that support not only your knees, but your back and hips as well?


Stoko has been absolutely exploding recently—you can see them in commercials, advertisements, and even in your own neighbourhood!


And they have been blowing up for good reason- it is exceedingly rare for a product this revolutionary and just straight up EFFECTIVE to hit the athletic world- so dive in with me as I take a closer look.

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Thankfully, if you love the Stoko K1 Flux, you’ll love the K1 Tempo just as much, as the functionality is essentially the same—you’re still going to get the same amazing support and bracing. But if you’re new to the product, this might take some explaining!


Essentially, in lieu of a bulky knee brace that slips and moves and only supports your knee, the Stoko K1 Tempo is known as “supportive apparel” that provides bracing and support to prevent/help you recover from injuries.

Stoko reviews
No more bulkiness!

To do this, 90 feet of extremely strong and durable (you’re not going to break these; they are stronger than steel) cables run THROUGH the pants—going from your lower back, hips, around your knees, and down your legs. These cables brace your muscles and ligaments where they are weak, providing support to them.


The best thing about these cables is that they can be tightened and loosened to fit YOUR comfort level and YOUR level of support.


The cables themselves act as the support and bracing for your knee, allowing for a lighter and VERY effective method of bracing. The cables are placed perfectly to keep you supported and locked in- try them on and feel your confidence soar even when you’re really pushing it. They also contour perfectly to your body, so beyond some initial tightness and “getting used to” period, they are very comfortable.


This “personalized” bracing is one of the best things about Stoko- and even better is the fact that tightening and loosening the cables is a cinch. There are two dials at the top of the pants on the back- one for each leg! All you have to do is turn the dial that corresponds to each leg (left for left, right for right) and enjoy the personalized compression you need.

stoko pants reviews
Tighten with the turning of a knob

So, if your left knee is absolutely nagging at you but your right knee is fine, you can tighten the left dial further and leave the right looser… how cool is that?!


Functionality- the Stoko K1 Tempo


The Stoko K1 Tempo is marketed for running and hiking—and for good reason. If you live anywhere warm or have run or hiked before, you know how hot it can get, especially if you’re wearing tights/leggings!


But if you have chronic knee pain, are recovering from an injury, or just need some extra support for your knees, hips, or lower back, you might not have a choice- so why not choose something incredibly comfortable, vented, breathable, and lightweight- and it won’t slip down!


These are the benefits of the Stoko K1 Tempo- these things are made exactly for high intensity and repetitive movement where you are going to need the support AND the breathability. Just check out the knitted venting in the picture below!

stoko reviews
With cooling ventilation, these are perfect for summer

While we know that Stoko provides unbelievable knee support regardless of the model, the K1 Tempo has some other great features that make them the perfect asset for hiking and running.


First, they are the only ¾ length Stoko pant. When it’s 100 degrees outside, the last thing you want to do is add extra material to your body- so the K1 Tempo trims where it can. The ¾ length of these pants make them cooler and lighter for running- score!


Another cool thing about these pants is the side pocket for your phone and the waistband pocket for your keys, both of which are unique to the K1 Tempo, along with the length difference. So, if you’re looking to get outside and explore the great outdoors, these pants are the perfect asset for that- the pockets and pouches are perfect additions to an already solid product.

stoko k1 tempo
Don't forget the phone pocket!


stoko k1 tempo review
And keys!

Highlights- Continued


You know what? I like Stoko pants so much that I’m going to keep on going for a while with some other bonuses they bring to the table.


As I mentioned earlier, the K1 Tempo (or any product from Stoko) won’t slip down or move in a way that will make it so you aren’t being braced and supported- this is a HUGE issue with traditional knee braces as when they slip down, they stop working as they should.


As the Stoko cables are built directly INTO the pants, there’s no way they will move, slip, or fall down- so exercise in peace and comfort!


Another awesome thing about Stoko is how extremely lightweight they are. Knee braces can be cumbersome sometimes, heavy and uncomfortable. Stoko pants are extremely lightweight and comfortable- they really aren’t heavy at all, and the difference is negligible when compared to traditional tights. Coupled with the huge amount of support they give you, it’s really a no-brainer.


The Final Word


Stoko k1 tempo reviews
Perfect for hiking and running

If you want the level of bracing and support that you can get from a regular knee brace but want something lightweight that won’t slip down and is also perfect for running and hiking, the Stoko K1 Tempo pants are for you.


As soon as you try them on and tighten them up you will feel the difference, and the amount of confidence they give me personally in any type of exercise is amazing. They really do provide as much bracing and support as most knee braces, and this is worth its weight in gold to me- not to mention how their trimmed design, venting, and extra pockets all come in clutch while hiking.


While they do take a little while to get used to in terms of comfort (stick with it! You will come around!), when you get used to them, you will find them not only extremely comfortable but a lifesaver for your knees, lower back, and hips as well. Good luck!


Until next time,


Rapid Rabbit Braces and Supports


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