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Stoko K1 Flux Review- Revolutionary Knee Support

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stoko reviews
Stoko offers revolutionary knee support!

A common theme of our blog has been reviewing products that I deem to be “revolutionary” in the world of bracing and supports.

From Bracelayer to VKTRY, I’ve always sought out and worn products that really push the envelope of technology and innovation. As someone that has dealt with a slew of knee injuries and pain, along with hip and ankle pain, I have done this out of necessity.

While some classic knee braces still do an excellent job, it is a fact of life that with improved technology comes improved performance, and with this, a more well-rounded product that works to help several avenues at once.

This is where Stoko pants come in.


I am not exaggerating when I say that I have never seen or experienced anything like Stoko compression pants before, which is why I am choosing to review them. As soon as I unboxed them I knew they were special, and much of this is because of the incredible technology behind them.

Essentially, Stoko has created a compression pant with medical grade support for your knees, hips, lower back, and ankles through the integration of support cables that run from WITHIN the pants from the lower back, down the hips, and wrap around the knee and front of leg to provide unbelievable support WITHOUT the bulk of traditional knee braces.

While the knee support and bracing is certainly the driving force behind this product, I noticed marked support in my hips as well and lessened pain in my lower back.


stoko k1 flux review
Choose the level of compression you want on each leg!

In reminiscent fashion to Bauerfeind’s “Boa” closure system that I have discussed extensively, Stoko K1 Flux pants are so unique because they offer personalized and adjustable compression and support through over 90 feet of durable polyester cables (15X as strong as steel!) that are integrated directly into the pants.

This is called the Stoko Embrace System- and I really can’t imagine a better name for it, as this is EXACTLY how it feels to wear the Stoko K1 Flux. When you tighten the cables, it feels like your legs are getting squeezed (hugged?) in the best way possible.

For bulky knee brace truthers, this might be a difficult concept to accept. How could it be possible for pants with cables to provide the same amount of support as a large strap on brace?

Science, my friend.

The 90 feet of cables that are interwoven throughout the pants MORE than make up for a knee brace, with better all around support of your entire lower half. If you trust anything I have ever said on this website- trust this fact.

On the back of these compression pants there are two plastic knobs that control these support cables for each leg, and you can tighten them at your leisure. As each knob controls the cables on a leg, you can even customize the level of support you get on each leg!

For example, I have general knee pain and instability (achy knee) in my left leg but have actually dealt with severe jumper’s knee and a partially torn meniscus in my right knee- for this reason, I usually tighten the right side a bit more to give that extra support.

When you tighten the cables using the knob, you will instantly understand the feeling of stability you get.

An added bonus- you no longer need to worry about your knee brace slipping down or loosening! Once you put these on and tighten them, you are locked in and supported until you pull the knobs back out to loosen them.

Uses- it does it all!

stoko review
The Stoko K1 Flux is a jack of all trades

The Stoko K1 Flux is billed by them to be perfect for “field, court, and ice.” So, being a soccer, hockey, and (terrible) basketball player, I put these to the test.

Where I found these shone the most was in soccer. If you have ever played any sport at a high level that requires fast cuts, hard stopping, and quick turns in direction, you understand the havoc this can wreak on your joints and the lack of confidence you have when doing this if you’re dealing with a nagging injury OR recovering from one.

I am happy to report that the Stoko K1 Flux does exactly what it is meant to do. Even when putting it through its paces in soccer and hockey games, as well as some casual pickup basketball at the Y, it gave me TREMENDOUS confidence and stability and really allowed me to “open it up” more than what I have been able to do in the recent past.

Interestingly, I also found that the post-game soreness I sometimes feel the next day in my hips, back, and knees was absent, even after pounding the turf/court the day before.

SO if you have knee pain, instability (this includes ligament instability such as ACL, MCL, PCL) or are recovering from a sprain/hyperextension, these pants will certainly help you.

As someone who deals with all of these things on a daily basis, I really can’t say enough about this product from Stoko.


While I have had no issue with the performance of these pants, they still do take some getting used to.

They aren’t just something you pull on in 2 seconds and go- you need to pull them on and ensure that everything is aligned BEFORE you start to turn the knobs that engage the cables and provide support.

As you tighten the cables, you will also feel pressure on the hips and in the leg- this is normal and exactly what you want!

As you tighten them, make sure you keep on moving, stretching, and running in place to get the support situated like it’s supposed to be.

When you wear these, they WILL feel tight around the waist and will provide support in a way you have never felt before. Like I said- give it time 😊 you can’t really expect something this intense and revolutionary to not feel different at first, can you?

Final word

If you are an athlete at any level and for any sport, I HIGHLY recommend the revolutionary Stoko K1 Flux pants for all the bracing and support you need for your knees and lower body. Reviews of the Stoko K1 Tempo and Summit coming soon!

Also, use code RAPID10 for 10% off your order from !

Until next time!


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