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Bauerfeind Epitrain Elbow Support review- a true game changer

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Alleviate and help with elbow pain- tennis elbow, golfers' elbow, generalized elbow pain and swelling, arthritis, sprains, post-surgery healing, etc.


Have you ever heard the old saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none?” Well, this saying does NOT apply to the Bauerfeind Epitrain elbow support. This brace is certainly a Jack of all trades- but it has also mastered them.

This is really the only way to describe this ingenious creation by German company Bauerfeind. Rather than picking and choosing which elbow ailments you are going to give attention to based on your brace, the Epitrain takes this decision completely out of your hands by helping almost everything elbow issue known to humankind.

This sleeve includes two “pads” on either side of your elbow that run down and tendons. These incredible pads compress, brace, support, provide stability and reduce pain and swelling to both inside and outside of your elbow’s tendon- the issues that cause tennis and golfer’s elbow. Read for the full Bauerfeind Epitrain elbow support review!


The amazing thing about the Bauerfeind Epitrain is that it flat out works, no question about it (in my experience). As a former college and semi-professional baseball player, and current weekend warrior athletic wash up, I have dealt with an ungodly number of elbow issues.

I’ve tried to figure out before just how many times I’ve thrown a baseball in my life- after doing the math, the number is close to one million. Now, while I still play ball recreationally, I’ve also taken up golf (I’m terrible) and tennis (I’m so-so).

Something all these activities have in common is strenuous use of the elbow, and often in different ways. Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, affects the outside or lateral tendons of the elbow, and importantly doesn’t only affect tennis players- people who work in manual labor or perform any activity that uses a repetitive motion of the elbow or forearm/wrist.

Golfers elbow, or medial epicondylitis, is a similar issue, although it effects the tendons on the inside of the elbow, most notably next to the bony bump on the inside part of the joint. This is common in golfers (obviously) but also baseball players. Again, it can be caused by things non-sports related as well. I once suffered a bad sprain of my elbow that caused golfers elbow like pain, but it was from a bad fall.

Long story short, elbow pain affects millions of people. Furthermore, the issue cannot always be placed in the camps of golfer of tennis elbow- generalized elbow pain is extremely common, as is swelling and stiffness.

This is where the Bauerfeind Epitrain comes in. By utilizing compression that doubly gives a gentle massage to the elbow muscles and tendons through the contoured pads, pain is noticeable lessened, and injuries are able to heal faster.

Because of the comfort and non-invasive nature of the product, the Bauerfeind Epitrain can easily be worn all day, every day while pain in the elbow persists. While it is incredibly useful to wear during activity or in sport, this product also shines on the daily as a constant comfort product that you will forget is even there- unless you think about why your elbow isn’t hurting anymore.

For a final point, I found this product also very helpful when I was lifting weights at the gym. I certainly don’t lift very heavy weight, but golfers and tennis elbow do affect certain motions even when lifting. This brace gave me a lot of confidence back in my elbow when working out in the gym and reduced my pain- what else can you ask for? While severe pain won’t be erased by the Epitrain, reasonable discomfort is easily handled.


Like other Bauerfeind products, the Epitrain elbow brace is not made from traditional spandex lycra or neoprene, but from a knit compression material that is simultaneously thick and durable while also being exceedingly comfortable, cool, and breathable.

Bauerfeind is very well known for this type of material- all their products are made in Germany and are of the best quality and durability. As Bauerfeind is partnered with several professional sports leagues as their official sponsor for braces and supports, durability and performance should not be a concern.

The comfort and fit of the Epitrain is also incredible. Due to my repeated UCL (inner elbow) injuries, my elbow has developed a stiffness, general soreness, and “creakiness” throughout. So, I am one of the people that wears this brace as a daily support when my elbow is hurting, and also when I play sports.

I am happy to report that it is comfortable and viable for all day use- after a short period of time you won’t even remember it’s there due to its seamless fit, lightness, and comfort.

Furthermore, you never really have to worry about the Epitrain falling down or slipping. If you size it right, the fit is solid and it sticks in place all day, giving you improved injury recovery, gentle massage, compression, and support.

I also never had any issues with hot spots or irritation while wearing the Epitrain- it truly does give a seamless fit- just set it and forget it.

Final Word:

As there really aren’t any issues I have had with the Bauerfeind Epitrain and it’s quite straightforward, this product comes HIGHLY recommended by me.

The Bauerfeind Epitrain elbow support is truly a revolutionary product. It really does work to help prevent (and treat!) all kinds of elbow injuries. It’s not only preventative but treats the pain and stiffness stemming from all sorts of elbow issues from tennis to golfers' elbow, and everything in between.

The contoured padding cushions on the sides of the brace work instantly to brace and support and will work to get you back to normal in your day-to-day life or in your athletic pursuits. For more serious swelling and injury, the Epitrain will still work wonders in relieving pain and quickening the healing process.

Check it out at the link below!

Until next time!


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