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Zamst Wrist Wrap Review- A Must See Wrist Brace!

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zamst wrist wrap review
Like tape- but better!

You can see the Zamst wrist wrap here, directly on Amazon!


Hello again my friends! If you are new here- what took you so long? And if you are a repeat reader- welcome back! This is the second of two reviews that will look at Zamst wrist braces I recently picked up. While I’m reviewing the lighter bracing Zamst wrist wrap here, the other review on the moderate-heavy bracing Zamst wrist band can be found here.


An important note is that I am not partnered with Zamst and received no compensation from them or anything else for writing this- I only decided to do it out of the goodness of my heart, and because I believe in the product J (But we do use affiliate links- see the disclaimer above)


If you’ve been on this planet for more than a couple of decades, there’s a good chance you’ve dealt with some wrist pain and discomfort in your life- especially if you’re an athlete or are getting up there in years a little bit : )


Sometimes, however, its not really necessary to wear a rugged wrist brace and you really only need the extra support and compression that comes with wrapping or taping your wrist- this is exactly where the Zamst wrist wrap comes in! (Especially for racket sports- see below!) Enjoy the review!



zamst wrist wrap review best wrist brace for sports
Easy to put on!

Unlike the previously reviewed wrist BAND by Zamst that wrapped around the wrist with two loops, the wrap loops around the thumb first after the classic wrist wrap fashion.


This is great for a couple of reasons- first, it offers a bit of extra support higher up onto the wrist and hand. Second, it COMPLETELY eliminates slippage and movement of the wrap. Unless your thumb completely comes off, this thing is not moving down your arm J 


Essentially, what this brace is doing is supporting your wrist by using compression- however, unlike compression sleeves that cannot be adjusted, the Zamst wrist wrap offers tremendous and high quality compression.


Also, unlike tape that is annoying, expensive, and time consuming, this can obviously be reused for years and years.




Like what you hear so far? Check the product out here, on Amazon.

There are a few things that I really like about this product that keeps me coming back to it and convinced me to write a review on it.

The first is that, like the wrist band, it includes an anti-slip material on the inner part of the brace. While the thumb loop keeps it from moving down your arm in any real way anyway, the anti-slip material keeps it exactly where you want it on the compression line-which is another reason why its better than tape.


Another great thing about this wrist support is that it can be worn every day, all day, with ease. It is extremely comfortable and lightweight, and the support is considered to be “light,” and thus not restrictive. I would feel comfortable wearing this support for any job, whether it be hard labor outside or a cushy office job ;)


A final highlight that needs to be touched on is the amazing versatility for sports and athletics. As the Zamst wrist wrap provides really useful support and compression while still allowing range of movement, I would recommend this for virtually any sport- and I have worn it for a lot of them!


However, the BEST highlight is that the thumb loop does not affect your palm in any meaningful way- this is great news for basketball players and racket sport athletes. While some wrist braces and supports cover a lot of the palm of your hand, this is not the case here. It actually looks like Zamst took great pains to keep the loop low and fabric away from the palm. For racket sports like tennis and badminton, keeping the palm free of slippery fabric is absolutely key, and Zamst hit the nail on the head here. Considering how common wrist injuries are for these types of athletes, the importance can’t really be overstated.


Zamst wrist wrap review
Great compression keeps you supported!

Overall, the Zamst wrist wrap is a great asset for light bracing and really good compression that won’t slip down your wrist or move. And, thanks to its very intelligent design, the palm of your hand stays free of fabric and thus provides a great advantage for athletes over other wrist braces!


I’ve mentioned this before on the site, but Zamst is a highly respected company in the bracing and support niche- their products are top notch and durable, the material is high quality, and I can bet that you won’t be disappointed.


If you like the sound of the Zamst wrist wrap from this review, check it out here, directly on Amazon.


Thank you for reading, and until next time!


(All images used with permission)


(Please note that I am not a medical professional and just a guy that plays sports and has some bad joints, see disclaimer)



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