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Zamst Wrist Band Complete Review- Best Wrist Brace for Moderate Support!

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Zamst wrist brace review best wrist brace for tennis
The Zamst Wrist Band!

Hello everyone! If you are new here- welcome! And if you are a repeat reader- welcome back! This is the first of two reviews that will look at Zamst wrist braces I recently picked up. While I’m reviewing the heavy-to-moderately supportive Zamst wrist band here, the next will look at the more lightly supporting Zamst wrist wrap.


Today, we are going to be looking at a tremendous addition to your arsenal if you deal with any type of wrist pain or discomfort.


The Zamst wrist band is made specifically for those who need moderate support for their wrist- and I can confidently say that this is one of the best wrist braces you will ever wear (which is why I am choosing to review it!)


As somebody who plays a lot of sports that use the wrist and does a lot of work outside- I can confidently recommend the Zamst wrist band. Read on to find out why. Or, go see the product directly on Amazon!




Essentially, the Zamst wrist band is for anybody who has any sort of pain, instability, tendonitis, injury, or weakness in their wrist, full stop.


Importantly, its also pretty rugged and is classified as a “moderate” brace. I found that it was quite solid, certainly strong enough for my tendinitis to be dealt with. While it doesn’t have any hard plastic or metal stays that some other wrist braces have, the tightening system and strong straps gave me a ton of support while still allowing me to use my hand without impediment, which is HUGE for wrist braces.


I hurt my left wrist playing baseball in college, and it was never really the same after that. While I still have good range of motion, the outer part of my wrist really just never stopped hurting, especially while playing sports or working outside.


Thankfully, this wrist brace really has you covered for just about anything. There aren’t any hard plastics or metals that will hurt anyone, so its safe to use for any sport. I would expect that any baseball, football, basketball, or lacrosse player would get excellent use out of a wrist brace like this, or anybody that has general wrist pain or tendinitis.


Don’t be fooled into thinking this wrist brace is only for athletes- like most braces and supports, this is also a great product for people who do manual labor or even those who just have painful wrist injuries that want it for their day to day lives.


Heard everything you need to hear? Check out the Zamst wrist band here, on Amazon.



Best wrist brace for football
Easy-as-pie to put on

One of the best things about the Zamst wrist band is its simplicity combined with effectiveness. You know how some braces are incredibly annoying to put on, with a lot of weird parts? I am happy to report that this is not the case with this wrist brace- you literally just loop the straps through and tighten it to your heart's content. It’s also extremely easy to do with one hand, which is a big-time bonus for a wrist brace (for obvious reasons).


The brace includes two straps as well, so you get a lot of coverage on the wrist and a lot of support.


Another great thing about this product is that it WILL NOT slip down your wrist. AT ALL. This is something I was worried about, as it’s a common theme with knee braces and some cheaper wrist braces that don’t wrap around the thumb.


However, I am happy to say that Zamst already thought of this- which is why they included an anti-slip material on the inner part of the brace that works wonders to keep it exactly where you want to.


Also, seeing as you can tighten the brace until your eyes water due to the loop system, you didn’t REALLY have to worry about slippage anyway- but the anti-slip tape they added is nice to have as an extra reassurance and really stops any sort of sliding or movement at all.


However, like I mentioned before, even though you can tighten it a lot it still allows for good movement with the hand and doesn’t affect your palm at all, making it key for athletes.


There really isn’t anything bad to say about this brace- however, if I HAD to pick something, it would be that you can get a brace that has more rigid bracing if you get one that has plastic or metal stays in it- although these basically feel like a cast and the Zamst wrist band is far more versatile.


Sizing and Material

Zamst wrist band review best wrist brace for basketball

An important point about the Zamst wrist band is that it is not “one size fits all” like some braces. It’s important to size the brace properly, but this is really easy and only needs a wrist circumference measurement. I am a medium for most things so I bought a medium without even measuring, and it fit perfectly. If you want to make sure, check out the measurement guide on the Zamst website.


Thankfully, even though this brace offers moderate to heavy support, it is incredibly lightweight and comfortable. This is a brace that can be worn all day easily and you won’t even notice it when you’re going about your day.


While the strength of the bracing will take some getting used to if you DO wear it all day, the material is very well made and won’t hold you back.




Zamst is a really great company that makes top notch products. I’ve personally been using them their stuff for years, as have many teammates. I also don’t have a partnership with Zamst- I review their stuff by choice because it’s awesome and I trust the durability of their products.


If my word isn’t enough, turn on your TV and watch the NBA on any given night- you’ll notice that a ton of NBA stars like Steph Curry and Trae Young wear Zamst gear, and for good reason.


If you like the sound of the Zamst wrist band from this review, check it out here, directly on Amazon!


Thank you for reading, and until next time!


(All images used with permission)


(Please note that I am not a medical professional and just a guy that plays sports and has some bad joints, see disclaimer)





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