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Bracelayer KX2 Redline Review- The Best Knee Brace for Hockey

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Bracelayer KX2 Redline review the best knee brace for hockey
Knee Support Built Specifically for Hockey!

Hello everybody! It’s been a minute since my last post- but when I come across something as great as the Bracelayer KX2 Redline, I’m really not left with much of a choice : )

If you’re new here- welcome! My name is Jake and I’m a former collegiate and semi-professional athlete that reviews all of the different braces and supports I (or my teammates) have used to help me deal with my injuries and sprains.


The Bracelayer KX2 Redline is a spinoff of the original KX2 (review of that here) that is built specifically for hockey players.

If you can’t tell from the picture, let me paint you a picture with words- these are compression PANTS with KNEE SLEEVES built directly into them.

Sound crazy for a hockey player? It shouldn’t- I’ve been wearing them almost since they have first come out for hockey, as have multiple guys on my team (I’m in a Sunday league now, but I used to be really good!) and they have helped my knees a lot.


Like I just said, these are spandex compression pants with highly supportive knee sleeves built directly into them that also go up the IT bands to support the hips and lower back as well! Even though hockey isn’t the worst sport for your knees, there are still times, especially as we get older, where some extra knee support won’t go amiss.

Also, as a special highlight- these are amazing for hockey goalies. I introduced a close friend of mine who is a goalie to the Bracelayer KX2 Redline and he has used them ever since.

The knee sleeves are vented neoprene, and for the KX2’s they are 2mm thick- the most supportive version they make.

The best knee brace for hockey
Support for your knees, hips, and lower back!

By being directly into the pants, they will never fall down, shift, get crumpled, or be uncomfortable. This is a huge asset for hockey players and is the reason why I wear them- sitting on the bench trying to readjust any equipment malfunction going on under your outer gear is a huge pain.

Lets face it- you’re probably going to be wearing a spandex base layer anyway- why not give your knees the extra support they need and deserve and use Bracelayer? Whether you have extremely painful knees and desperately need the bracing or if you just need minor support, Bracelayer is truly great for everybody- and a bonus is that the neoprene goes up your IT bands, hips, and lower back to provide support there as well!

As soon as you try Bracelayer pants on you feel the difference in your knees- from non-supported to supported. That is just part of the reason why the KX2 Redline’s are the best knee brace for hockey.



Oh no- you didn’t think we were done singing the praises of this product did you? : ) When I find something that can and will truly help people live a better and healthier life, I can’t help but ramble a bit- sorry!

You might be asking why you just shouldn’t buy the regular KX2 pants instead of the Redline’s. This is because the Redline version have some really helpful extra accessories that will make your life a lot easier as a hockey player.

For one, they include a pouch for your cup, so you don’t need to stress about having a jock lying around and worry about that extra layer. Having the cup pouch built into your base layer is a huge asset as I find it keeps me feeling a lot safer and more protective in an area that you NEED to be protected.

A sweet part about the KX2 Redline and what makes it the best knee brace for hockey is that you can pretty much just forego the old jock completely. For those that complain they will have no way to keep their hockey socks up- don’t worry! Bracelayer though of this too.

Along with the cup pouch, the Redline pants also include Velcro panels on the front and back of the pants to easily attach your hockey socks and ensure they don’t move.

Bracelayer KX2 Redline review
You won't need your old jock anymore- velcro for your socks and a cup pouch included!

A final highlight (and maybe the most important one) for these pants is the main highlight for all Bracelayer pants- if you need to wear a different knee brace on the ice as well, the Bracelayer KX2 Redline will keep that knee brace from sliding down your leg.

You heard me! This benefit of Bracelayer is the reason why I started buying their products in the first place- my larger, plastic/metal knee braces kept on sliding off my knee during sports, making it pretty much useless and frustrating me a ton.

The neoprene knee sleeves of Bracelayer products are built with a texture that is made specifically to keep your knee brace from sliding down- simply put your regular knee brace on over top of the Bracelayer knee sleeve and there you have it! And because the knee sleeve is attached directly to your pants- it will never move either! Don’t believe me? Give it a try- you won’t be disappointed on this one.


While I don’t have any concerns with this product, I have received a lot of questions regarding how to put them on. While it’s super easy to put them on, it’s also important not to put them on like a normal base layer spandex, as you might struggle a bit.

Simply get the entire pants on over your feet until they are crumpled at the bottom of your leg, pull them up to your waist, and THEN grab the sides knee sleeve portion of the pants themselves and pull that up over your knee and adjust accordingly.

Trying to yank the pants too hard doesn’t work too well- pulling on the knee sleeve gently to get over your knee is the way to go.

Final Word:

If you are a hockey player with knee pain or instability- OR if you need help keeping your larger knee brace from sliding down under your gear- you NEED the Bracelayer KX2 Redline for your hockey bag. I’ve been using it for years and love it- and I think you will too.

Thanks for reading, and see you next time!


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(All images used with permission from Bracelayer)



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