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Bracelayer KXV Complete Review

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Bracelayer KXV review
The Bracelayer KXV (Image used with permission from Bracelayer)


General knee stability, meniscus tear, compression, improved circulation, recovery- in a slighter, slimmer, and more refined fashion than the KX2.


This is my 2nd review of Bracelayer products, because if you find something amazing, why change?

The KXV is the most versatile in the Bracelayer family of knee stabilizing compression pants.

While the KX2, which can be found here, is the heaviest duty in terms of the thickest neoprene sleeves and the most rugged stabilization, the KXV takes the opposite route and is the lightest of all, with the slimmest sleeves and the best ventilation. Another added little fun bonus is that these are only ¾ length as opposed to the full-length models of the KX2 and KX1.

All of these factors come together to make the KXV the king of warm weather training and activity. Running? You got it. Track star? Even better. Underneath baseball pants? You bet, and my personal favorite use for them.

These guys are still very supportive, and your knees will bless you the second you put them on, while the lighter and thinner profile will be a huge bonus if you need them to be a little cooler on a hot day, or if you just want them to feel a little more “invisible” with a solid amount of protection still.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you’re new to the Bracelayer product overall, allow me to introduce you. The KXV Bracelayer pants are compression pants with supportive knee sleeves built right into them.

I’m sure you’ve seen knee sleeves on their own before, but forget about all that. With Bracelayer, as the knee sleeves are built in, you’re benefiting way more than you ever would with flimsy knee sleeves that always slide around and bunch up.

With Bracelayer, issues like that are a thing of the distant past. The sleeves never move and fit perfectly around your knee, to create a seamless support you don’t even have to think about.

In terms of what these sleeves actually do for you besides provide the support you expect, I could go on for a while. They keep you balanced (this is surprisingly really noticeable) as the support does its work, and they absorb shock and keep your joints nice and protected. While the pants themselves are very breathable and the neoprene knee sleeve/braces are vented, they also keep your knees warm and thus the muscles, ligaments, and tendons better prepared for exercise.


Another cool thing about the KXV is all of the extra ventilation in the form of mesh compression, some of which is actually right below the neoprene sleeve on the knee down onto the calf. As opposed to the other Bracelayer products which are just normal compression spandex material with no mesh below the knee, this compression mesh is an awesome and super noticeable addition when you’re training in the spring or summer.

There’s also some extra mesh compression in the KXV along the sides of the pants and on the lower back just below the waistband. This might not sound super important, but I really can’t stress enough how much all this makes these a super comfortable pant that is the king of warm weather.

In terms of support, these are definitely lighter in that regard than the KX2. The neoprene sleeves are 1.5MM as opposed to 2MM on the KX2, and the overall thickness of the neoprene itself is lesser too for an overall lighter product. While the 0.5MM thickness difference between them might not seem like much, but as soon as you put on the KXV’s you’ll immediately be able to feel the difference in terms of support.

The KXV’s are also an amazing recovery pant- as they are lighter and more breathable than others in the lineup, they are great just for lounging or chilling and really just have that next level of comfort. If you’re the type of person whose knees feel a little bit wobbly/sore/stiff on a daily basis even when you’re not exercising, the KXV is really a great product for you as you don’t feel like you need to be participating in high impact sports to wear them, even though you can use them for this as well.

This everyday aspect is probably my favorite use for the KXV’s, as my knees usually always feel a little “off”, and these give the perfect amount of compression and support for light activity without overdoing it by wearing a full knee brace all day, which is truly one of the worst feelings in the world.

Like other Bracelayer products, these are also great for when you still want to wear a heavy-duty knee brace at the same time as they do a fantastic job of keeping your brace up and locked in the proper spot on your leg, without sliding down.

In regard to using Bracelayer as a means of keeping your knee brace up while also enjoying improved general support, the KXV is probably the superior choice for this rather than the KX2. While the KX2 is great for this, it’s also a shade better as a “stand-alone” product.

The KXV’s slimmer profile reduces some of the bulk in general and is more breathable, making it an excellent accessory for keeping pesky knee braces and supports in place while remaining comfortable and light in the best way possible.

Final Word:

The three quarter length KXV Bracelayer knee support compression pants are a must have in your athletic wear closet. They complement the other pants in the Bracelayer line up very well by being very useful for recovery, very hot weather, lighter impact sports, or endurance sports like distance running.

All Bracelayer products I review have been worn and tested personally by myself, and I can personally attest that the KXV’s are an excellent and welcome addition that provide wondrous knee support for all types of activity.

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Until next time!

(all images used with permission from bracelayer)


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