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EC3D Elbow Compression Sleeve Review- Less is More!

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EC3D elbow support and brace review
EC3D Elbow Support- top down view. Size M


EC3D is still a little-known company on the bracing and support market, but that does NOT mean you should be sleeping on their products!

I’ve been using EC3D gear for 3 years now, and this elbow support sleeve especially has definitely served its purpose for me.

I started using it as soon as I started getting elbow pain while throwing a baseball and playing badminton. It’s one of those fantastic products that makes your elbow start to feel better literally as soon as you put it on thanks to its superior compression capability.


When talking about the EC3D elbow support sleeve, and even elbow support sleeves in general, you have to think about what you have and what you’re expecting out of your brace. If your elbow is in serious pain and is in really bad shape, this probably isn’t the product for you and you’ll need something a bit more supportive.

HOWEVER, the EC3D elbow sleeve is a soft compression sleeve, but it’s one of the best ones I’ve ever used and thus it’s made it to the bracing and support Hall of Fame that is Rabbit Rabbit Braces and Supports 😊

Soft elbow compression sleeves serve a huge purpose for the many people that just don’t need the massive bulk and restrictiveness of some larger elbow supports.

Instead, maybe all you need is a compression sleeve that slides on easily and keeps your entire elbow area supported and compressed. This means that elbow support sleeves, like this bad boy by EC3D, could be what fits the bill.

Compression sleeves like this one work by applying evenly distributed compression across the entire joint, keeping your muscles and tendons supported.

Functionality…. Continued!

If you’re looking for more specific examples of what an elbow compression sleeve like this one helps with, here’s a short list: golfer’s elbow (inner elbow, think Tommy John injury for baseball players), tennis elbow (outer elbow), general tendonitis, inflammation, and generalized support.

Like I said before, as soon as you slide it on, you’ll be able to feel the compression and support it gives you immediately.

Compression has also been proved to increase blood flow to an area to promote healing and to reduce the risk of injury, and is also reduces muscle “vibration” when you are working out, further decreasing the chance of injury AND slowing down the onset of fatigue!

There’s really no downside to wearing this elbow sleeve. It’s much higher quality than others on the market, and it keeps you feeling braced and supported without any loss of range of motion at all.

But it’s also important to realize that you can’t just grab a cheap, no-name sleeve from your local bargain hunter and expect the same quality of compression. Like everything, you get what you pay for!

EC3D Elbow compression sleeve review
Inner Elbow view of EC3D elbow support- Size M

Wait… so when exactly should I be using this?

Great question! I’m not an expert so I can only speak to my own experiences. There are really two times when I think this support comes into its own.

First off- For anybody who needs MINOR to MODERTATE support. If your elbow is hanging by a thread, this brace won’t be enough. But if you’re only feeling a twinge every now and then or if you’re dealing with elbow soreness in general, whether it be in the tendons or muscles at the top of the forearm or bottom of the triceps, I think this product is an excellent first line of defense.

Secondly- Injury prevention is key. If you’re playing a sport/partaking in an activity that requires a lot of arm movement that could potentially result in an injury, this support is awesome. I’m talking baseball, (any throwing sport, really), weightlifting, volleyball, basketball, badminton, etc.


One of the best things about this support by EC3D, and the reason why I’m so confident recommending it for so many sports is that its comfort level is really superb when compared to other braces, or even other sleeves.

It’s extremely breathable without sacrificing durability, and it’s not itchy. It’s one of those rare products where you actually feel more comfortable and ready to participate in sport when you’re wearing it, instead of counting down the seconds until you can remove it due to a sense of uncomfortableness.


Unlike some other braces, the sizing for these is actually really straightforward. Just measure the circumference your elbow at the widest point (a couple inches above the actual joint) and go from there. An XS is 7-8.5 inches, S is 8.5-10, M is 10-11.5, L is 11.5 to 13 and XL is 13-14.5.

It’s really as easy as that.

Like with many other athletic products, if you’re stuck right in between a couple different sizes I always recommend to go a size DOWN, as with the EC3D elbow support you are dealing with stretchy material with no solid “support” section built in that is immoveable. Because of this, it’s better to have a little bit too much compression than too little.


The only “con” imaginable for this product in my mind would come from people not understanding what they are getting when they order this. If you are dealing with a serious or extremely painful elbow injury, then this support is not for you and it will not prevent an injury from getting more serious.

It does NOT claim to do anything it can’t, but sometimes people expect too much from their braces without really understanding what their purpose is 😊

The Final Word(s)

For the price, this elbow compression sleeve is a legitimate must have if you have any sort of worry about injuring your elbow, or even if you just want the feeling of a little extra support.

It is extremely affordable and, in my opinion, one of the best elbow compression sleeves on the market. It is made out of outstanding materials, doesn’t ever slip, is very comfortable, and keeps your elbow feeling supported and compressed throughout a variety of activities.

What else could you ask for in an elbow sleeve?!

I hope you enjoyed this elbow compression sleeve review!

Until next time!


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