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Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Brace w/ Bilateral Hinges Review

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Best used for

Meniscus injuries, ACL/PCL injuries, general knee instability, hyperextension, patella instability, ligament sprains.


If you’ve been active or have played supports for any amount of time, there’s an excellent chance you’ve heard of Shock Doctor, a mainstay in the bracing and support community with a trusted and recognizable brand.

The Ultra is their flagship knee brace. The Titanic of all Shock Doctor braces, if you will. Seriously, this thing is a beast and the support it gives you is no joke.

I’ve personally used this exact brace for a while now as I have a partial meniscus tear and general knee instability. When I put this brace on, the confidence I have in my knee goes WAY up.

As you can see above, it also checks a ton of boxes in terms of the protection it gives for various knee ailments. Two words I would use to describe this bad boy are SOLID and SECURE. When you put the brace on, you’ll notice it immediately.

I probably wouldn’t jump straight into a hurdle race, but that’s because you’d probably end up hurting something else other than your knee 😊.


In terms of comfort, I find it excellent, but it might take some getting used to, especially if you’re new in the knee brace game.

Its bulky, but that’s to be expected for a knee brace that protects against so many injuries, and you’ll still be able to fit it under your pants no problem.

Like I said, this is no wimpy little brace. For example, I’d probably take a hard pass on wearing it for just a short walk unless your knee is really messed up and I usually don’t wear it for any run that’s 3+ miles because it can get rainforest sweaty if you’re in a hot climate. BUT, it’s still super lightweight for its size and actually really breathable due to its vented neoprene fabric.

Also, can’t ignore the fact that it looks really cool at the same time IMHO.


I use this brace primarily when I’m playing basketball and baseball- sports where you’re generally doing a lot of explosive movements, stops and starts, and side to sides. These types of motions and sports are where the Ultra really shows its worth as a big dog on the knee brace market.

The protection and stability it gives you is A1 when it matters most and your confidence in your knee will go way up.

If you’re reading this, I know that you know all about the frustration that comes with not being able to trust your knee. Nobody wants to feel timid or nervous, especially when you’re partaking in an activity that you love. That’s why I feel so strongly about recommending this brace. It’s never let me down, and I don’t think it’ll let you down either.

Highlights- Hinges!

The biggest (and my personal favorite) feature for this knee brace are the heavy-duty hinges on each side of the brace that keep you legitimately locked in and stop your knee from swaying side to side like its avoiding potholes on a bumpy road.

Add in the aluminum stays that accompany the hinges and this brace is going to anchor you in extremely well and really give you a leg up (no pun intended) in your battle against ACL/PCL injuries, as well as combatting that horrible feeling that your knee is going to give way at a moment’s notice.

A common fear is that the bilateral stabilizers are going to impede your movement, but this is thankfully baseless. That’s why they have the hinges, and I’ve never felt restricted while using this knee brace.


For sizing, I would really recommend getting the exact size it says you need.

For myself, and others who have reviewed this brace, it seems to be standard practice.

While it may feel a little too snug at the beginning, knee braces always have a break in period and WILL stretch out a bit. I really can’t stress this enough.

It does have Velcro straps that are used to keep it in place, and it stays up exceptionally well. A sliding knee brace is everybody’s worst enemy because A) it’s probably the most annoying thing imaginable and B) you lose most of the benefits the brace gives you when it’s not in the right place. Thankfully, the Ultra stays up thanks to the strapping system that you can tighten to your hearts content. It’s important to note that the straps and places where you can tighten this brace are actually in the right place- at the bottom of the brace.

If you’ve worn knee braces before, you know that tightening it at the top (at your quad) is generally ineffective for keeping the brace up because it just slides down at the smallest movement. The Ultra has a tightening strap at the bottom, just above your calf. Your calf acts like a nice little shelf to keep your brace in its home on your knee. Another bonus is that it’s compatible with either knee, so just slide it on and strap it up.

If you do end up flubbing your size, most retailers do have A+ return policies so it shouldn't be an issue to send it back.


If you’re in the market for cheap, flimsy, useless braces then you won’t find them reviewed here on Rapid Rabbit. I only review things that I feel are worth the money and will actually help you in your desire to live an active and pain free lifestyle. Keeping in mind that some knee braces that do the same thing as this can run you almost 400$, I’m confident in recommending the Shock Doctor Ultra knee brace as a cost friendly alternative that won’t sacrifice any protection (and actually looks pretty cool too).

Check it out at the link below, and thank you for reading my Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Brace review!

Until next time!


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