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The Best Brace for your Achilles Tendon- ZAMST AT-1 Complete Review

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the best brace for your achilles tendon
Zamst AT-1 Achilles tendon brace

Hello everyone! Today we have a really special review on a product that I wish I would have discovered years ago (maybe it didn’t even exist back when I played college soccer?) but one that I am very happy and grateful to have found today.


In case you couldn’t already guess- I’m talking about the Zamst AT-1 Achilles tendon brace of course ;)


This is a really exciting product that I was looking forward to reviewing as there really isn’t anything else like it on the market that I have found works as well for supporting a hurt achilles tendon- the only other comparison I have found is the Bauerfeind AchilloTrain, which I love as well and have reviewed here. However, while I have nothing bad to say about the Achillotrain at all, which does a great job for lighter, less severe strains, the Zamst AT-1 is more heavy-duty and rugged and is subsequently better suited for more severe strains (in my opinion).


I was in my 3rd year of college at the ripe age of 20 when I really did a number on my right Achilles tendon while playing soccer. I was running full send towards a ball in the corner when I tried to stop quickly and turn- the next thing I knew I was on the ground with an explosion of pain in my ankle/Achilles.


Originally I thought I sprained my ankle, but it really didn’t feel right at all. A quick trip to the hospital later, I found out that I severely sprained/strained (but did not rupture!) my poor Achilles tendon.


Even though I’ve healed since then (this was over 10 years ago!) I still do have nagging Achilles pain when I overdo it in soccer, running or even hiking- and sometimes it can get quite severe.


Enter the Zamst AT-1 here- enjoy the review! Or if you've heard enough, check it out on Amazon!



Zamst AT-1 achilles tendon brace
Some of the best protection in the game!

There are two key points about the Zamst AT-1 that I want to hit on here. The first is that this brace is unique as it suppresses the dorsiflexion of the ankle. Dorsiflexion is when you move your foot upwards using your ankle- think of making a “V” shape with your foot and shin, or think of flexing your foot upwards.


This is a movement that causes strain on your Achilles tendon, and the Zamst AT-1 includes built-in straps that suppress it- so while you stay comfortable, you don’t have to worry about hurting your Achilles worse.


Another really cool thing about the Zamst AT-1 that I like are the dual-interior pads that go on either side of your Achilles tendon to keep it braced, supported, and working smoothly.


As soon as you put this brace on you'll be able to feel the dual-interior pads keep your Achilles tendon aligned straight away, and this is a huge asset about the brace.



Best brace for achilles tendon injuries
Keeps your achilles on track with padding!

The Zamst AT-1 is different from other Achilles tendon braces and supports as it utilizes Velcro very effectively while others are usually compression sleeves.


While the sleeve version can be very good, the use of Velcro allows for a more secure and “braced” fit.


While this brace is NOT a rigid brace that will keep your Achilles completely immobilized, it is the next best thing in my opinion and is great for those who have pain in their Achilles tendon but still want to be active.


If you have pain in your Achilles from a strain or past tear that is healing, you will immediately have some pain alleviated when you put this brace on. Walking will become easier and less painful, as will running, playing sports, etc. Still though- don’t overdo it! While this brace is great, achilles tendons are finicky and you don’t want to injure yourself more.

You can check out the Zamst AT-1 here, directly on Amazon!


Best uses


While this brace is pretty comfortable, I would personally recommend it for those who want to keep on being active and then take it off afterward. If you just want something to wear all day, I would recommend a “sleeve” Achilles tendon brace- like this one from Bauerfeind here.


However, I would also recommend the Zamst AT-1 for all-day use as well, especially if your pain is more severe.


The Final Word


In conclusion, based on my personal experience, I HIGHLY recommend the Zamst AT-1 Achilles tendon brace for anybody who suffers from Achilles tendon pain. It is incredibly well made, provides great support, and alleviates pain.


Zamst has been one of my favorite brands in the bracing and support industry for a long time and this product is an example of exactly why that is. High-quality material with excellent support- what else can you ask for?


Until next time, and thank you for reading!


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