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Zamst A2-DX Ankle Brace Review- the best ankle brace for serious sprains

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Zamst A2-DX review
Zamst A2-DX (image used with permission)


If you turn on an NBA game on any given night, more specifically the Golden State Warriors, take a look at Warriors star Steph Curry.

He’s pretty easy to spot- he’s the one of the best players of all time, let alone his own generation. Once you’re done admiring his 3 point shot, take a look at his ankle and note the ankle brace- that, my friends, is the Zamst A2-DX.

As its good enough for one of the best players in the NBA, it should also be good enough for you. However, if you still need some convincing, read on 😊


First things first, the Zamst A2-DX is one of the best ankle supports I have ever used, hands down. It does so many things right that other braces just miss, that it’s really worth discussing.

In uses, I would use this brace during ANY sport that is tough on the ankles- Basketball, tennis, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, you name it. It’s a do it all brace for serious athletes that FULLY protects the ankle (meaning from outward or inward sprains, AKA inversion or eversion) and you can really put it through its paces regarding use.

For one, this brace is rugged enough that it is considered a “strong” support- meaning that it is for those who have suffered medium to high grade ankle sprains (think black and blue ankle, and an extremely painful event when you first sprained it).

If you have ever majorly sprained your ankle, then you know one of the worst things about it- the chronic instability that follows. Sadly, if you suffer a major sprain in your life, your ankle will likely be permantly weakened and will sprain more easily each time.

However, in a strange twist, it will hurt less and less each time, but will occur easier. The human body is neat, huh?

I first sprained my right ankle horribly when I was 16, and I have probably re-sprained it 15 times since then while my left ankle has, thankfully, remained completely immune.

SO if you’re anything like me and have a chronically wobbly ankle due to past injuries, the Zamst A2-DX will keep you supported and give you the feeling of confidence in your ankle that you have long been lacking.


I have a ton of favorite things about this brace that I would say are “highlights,” so you’ll have to bear with me as I list a couple of my VERY favorites.

For me, along with the unbelievable support, the best part of this brace by Zamst is the comfort level, and how well it fits into your shoe.

Some ankle braces, especially those with high levels of support, are simply too big and bulky to be allowed. They feel like they have so many unnecessary straps and padding, and they barely even fit into your shoe. And when they do fit into the shoe, they stretch it out and leave the sneaker feeling uncomfortable as well. So annoying.

Some other ankle brace pet peeves of mine are when ankle braces are just straight up uncomfortable, don’t stay strapped, have bad Velcro placement, and have a weird lump on the bottom of the foot. Seriously, why is that thing there?

Luckily, however, the Zamst A2-DX suffers from none of these ailments- in fact, part of the reason why I love it so much is that it gets everything RIGHT.

The Velcro straps make a cross pattern and are then covered by the hard shell, rugged braces that keep you from spraining your ankle again, so they never come undone and also provide a lot of good compression and bracing just on their own.

This “X” strap setup provides support for all directions the ankle can move too, which is a nice bonus that goes along with the outer shell.

Zamst A2-DX ankle brace review
X strap (Image used with permission)

Highlights Part 2:

The protective guards on the inside and outside of this brace are the best part of this product. They are sturdy, well built, and exactly where they need to be. They aren’t too small, and they limit any drifting/spraining of your ankle very well.

Unlike some braces, this one is actually really easy to put on. The main braces stay where they are supposed to as well, thanks to the really convenient Velcro strap that loops through them.

Best of all, the Zamst A2-DX protects against both types of ankle sprains very well, eversion and inversion. (Think your ankle rolling outwards or inwards).

If you land on someone’s shoe/cleat while playing sports, your ankle doesn’t always roll the way you want it to 😊 But thanks to this amazing and trustworthy product, you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

The last great thing I will mention about this brace is the comfort and material. As soon as you slide it on and touch the lightweight, low profile, and moisture wicking inner “sock”, you will know that this product is a keeper. Basically, this brace is thin where it needs to be and rugged where it needs to be for a fantastic fit.

Important Note on Fit:

Something that is very important to note is that this brace comes in LEFT or RIGHT leg versions! This pretty uncommon for ankle braces so I wanted to make a note of it so you don’t accidentally buy a brace for the wrong ankle.

This is definitely a good thing- it means that each ankle has custom support that is built for that side specifically.

On the downside though, it means that you need to buy two braces if you end up having two bad ankles at different times- no more switching back and forth 😊

The Final Word:

I was really excited to review the Zamst A2-DX after (re) spraining my right ankle a couple of months ago. I was not disappointed- this thing does all that it says it’s going to do and more!

If this sounds interesting, take a look at the link below!

Until next time!


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