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The Best Knee Brace for Cycling by Bracelayer- A Must See!

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best knee brace for mountain biking
My very amateur picture of the Bracelayer Greenline!

Hello dear reader! Welcome to the Rapid Rabbit Braces and Supports blog, where I discuss all the best (and my favorite) athletic braces and supports on the market today.

My name is Jake, and I’m a former semi-professional and collegiate athlete turned weekend warrior.

In my old age (I’m 32) one activity that I’ve really gotten into is cycling. I have a road bike that I take out most evenings, and I also have a mountain bike that I shred on the weekends.

While I got into biking because my knees are beat up, I found that cycling, and mountain biking in particular, can actually be pretty hard on the knees in their own way, and I also have severe knee problems that still nag me from my past life. While it’s nowhere near the pain caused by running, I found myself wondering if there was a product out there that would provide some much needed knee support while cycling without being restrictive.

And boy, did I hit the jackpot.

Introducing the Bracelayer KXV Greenline, the cycling compression pants with knee support AND a chamois built right in, and my choice for the best knee brace for cycling!


best knee sleeve for cycling
A closer look at the neoprene knee sleeves

Bracelayer is one of my favorite products of all time. They have saved my knees from so much pain and myself from so much heartbreak it's difficult to even put into words.

Bracelayer is a revolutionary product that gives you the full lower body compression of compression pants with the added benefit of neoprene knee sleeves built directly into the pants themselves, with added neoprene support that extends up the IT bands and onto the hips- perfect for biking of any kind, cycling or mountain biking.

While I have been using the Bracelayer KXV pants forever (see my full review on them here) this is my couple of months using the KXV GREENLINE, which is made exclusively for cycling.

Essentially, the 1.5mm knee sleeves built directly into the pants act and work just like any knee sleeve would- they provide excellent support and compression, and you can feel the benefits as soon as you put them on.

Your creaky knees will thank you- before and after your ride. One thing I have found is that they not only make my knees feel better during the bike ride, but make it so my knees are not painful after either, drastically increasing my recovery time!

The Greenline Difference

Knee brace cycling
One of the best chamois ever!

So we’ve established that Bracelayer is awesome for sore and recovering knees, or anyone that needs some extra support. So why shouldn’t you just get any Bracelayer product and use them for cycling?

In a really awesome move, Bracelayer added a unisex chamois (“shammy”) pad that, like the knee sleeves, is built directly into the pants themselves exclusively for the Greenline edition.

This is a game changer. No longer do you have to decide between protecting your knees and your sit bones- now you can do both!

Not only is it great that they included a chamois, but its also one of the best I’ve ever used. The padding is awesome and it’s breathable, and it’s also unisex. My only warning is that you will never be able to go back to just wearing shorts after you have tried these out! :)

Another cool thing that Bracelayer added to the Greenline apart from the padded seat is the reflective ‘Bracelayer’ logo on the outside of the pants. For most products, the logo is simply in normal gray lettering. For the Greenline, however, the logo is reflective (pictured) for added safety, as many of us need to do our biking close to/after dark.

Fit, Comfort, and Sizing

best knee brace for biking
The reflective Bracelayer logo for added safety

The Bracelayer Greenline is incredibly comfortable, and as most active people can attest to, compression pants are the best.

A lot of people I talk to worry about being too hot while riding and using compression pants. I do most of my biking on a mountain bike in the woods tackling steep climbs, and I personally have never had an issue with them being too hot- and even if I did, the knee support they provide would more than make up for any discomfort from being too warm.

The Bracelayer Greenline’s are also ¾ length pants, (or ⅞ to be more precise) meaning they don’t go all the way down to your ankle, so this provides some literal breathing room.

Another great aspect is that the bottom part of the pant below the knee sleeve itself is made of mesh, just like the regular KXV. This provides some much appreciated breathability for those long bike rides on the road or in the hills.

Like for other Bracelayer products, I usually size up when buying their products. This is just a comfort thing for me on my end, but it's something you could keep in mind.

The Final Word

Of all the products I have reviewed, the Bracelayer Greenline pants for biking and cycling is one of my all time favorites.

It’s like they took 3 things that I look for when biking and added them all into one- knee support, a comfortable chamois, and compression.

Whether you are an avid road cyclist or gnarly mountain biker these pants will definitely help you out. I really can’t sing their praises enough. If you have ever dealt with knee soreness or instability, before or after riding your bike, I would highly recommend you give the Bracelayer Greenline a try.

Use the code RRB15 for 15% off your order!

Until next time!


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