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Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Strap Review- Brace for elbow pain!

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This is my second review of Bauerfeind products for elbow bracing and support, as I truly believe that their products are top notch, and they have worked wonders for me.

If you find something that works and it is with a brand you trust, why switch?

Bauerfeind is a German company that makes high quality braces and supports for knees, ankles, wrists, elbows- you name it. Their craftsmanship is superb (good old German engineering- I also drive a Volkswagen in case anyone was wondering) and the products are of the highest quality and effectiveness.

The Bauerfeind sports elbow strap (not the most exciting name, but wait until you hear the features!) is an example of this superior quality and performance.

While I have recently reviewed the Bauerfeind Epitrain elbow support here that also works to relieve pain and soreness of the elbow, the Bauerfeind elbow STRAP is unique, working in different ways with different technology to reduce pain in a more active setting.


While the Epitrain is okay for activity but is at its best when being worn as more of an “all-day” support that actively massages and supports the tendons in a comfortable and “barely there” way, the elbow strap is built more for activity.

The Bauerfeind elbow strap is meant to be worn DURING sports to reduce pain and allow you to continue doing what you love- importantly, however, I would really see no issue with wearing it all day other than it might be a bit more uncomfortable that the ultra-comfy Epitrain, the review of which you can view here.

While I personally wouldn’t wear as an all day brace if I was only suffering from minor pain, if you have a strenuous job and you are dealing with a moderate to severe injury, I think this would definitely do the trick based on my own experience with it.

However, when used during actual activity, this elbow strap really shines. I can confidently say that it is the best elbow strap I have ever used for racket sports- namely badminton which I play often, but tennis as well.

It’s also really simple to put on and use- it simply slides on and then is tightened using the amazing Boa system (more on this shortly). Because of these features, it’s also one size fits most. I know I don’t always speak for myself when I say that this is a major bonus for those who buy braces and straps online.


There are two features that make the Bauerfeind elbow strap a must have, and a truly revolutionary and beneficial product.

The first is the Boa closure system, which allows you to tighten the strap for a level of compression that YOU get to control. The Boa system is trademarked by Bauerfeind and it is something that makes their braces some of the very best on the market.

Once you slip the strap on to your elbow, you simply turn the Boa plastic knob to tighten the brace- this compression system utilizes incredibly durable strings that tighten WITHIN the brace to give you customized compression and support.

Seriously, it’s extremely cool and useful. You simply tighten the knob as must as you want to the level of compression you need for both fit and benefit. Loosening it back up again is as simple as pulling the knob back out until it clicks- but it will never (at least, it never has for me) loosened while I was mid game/activity.

It’s also key to realize that this is far from a gimmick- I have now made use of the Boa personalized compression system in both the Bauerfeind sports elbow BRACE for baseball (see that here) and now the Bauerfeind sports elbow STRAP. These products are very different, but both make excellent use of the Boa closure system.

It doesn’t take a ton of thought to realize why the Boa is so useful- just think back to other elbow braces and supports you have had.

Chances are, these either A) didn’t fit you perfectly B) slid down your arm and didn’t stay up or C) didn’t offer adequate compression and were thus not overly helpful as something meant to reduce your tennis and golfers elbow through compressing the forearm and elbow tendons.

The Bauerfeind sports elbow strap changes all this. For one, the difference is makes is immediate. Secondly, this brace will get you back into playing tennis/badminton/golf/baseball/any other sport that uses your elbow FASTER than other elbow support products.

Not only will it get you back in action faster, but it is also great as a preventative brace. If you have recently healed from an elbow injury, I would probably recommend to keep on using this brace for as long as you need. It’s extremely comfortable and durable, and it’s also lightweight and unobtrusive.

Sound interesting? It's available here, directly on Amazon.

Highlight #2

My second favorite part of this elbow strap is the five-point pad with friction nubs that sits inside the strap that put pressure on swollen tendons to increase circulation and give added compression, while also providing a really neat “massage-like” feeling in my opinion.

This highlight is pretty cool, as it pressured specific trigger points that really help “calm” the tendons down a bit. And since you can tighten this thing basically as much as you want, you can really force the pad into the tendons quite strongly to ensure you are braced as much as you could ever want to be.

Final Word:

This strap is an absolute marvel, and I am confident that it will be one of the very best braces you will ever wear for either golfers or tennis elbow (tendon pain on the inner or outer side of the elbow). Whether you are suffering from a moderate to severe injury or are just wearing it for preventative measures, the Bauerfeind Sports Elbow Strap is comfortable and effective, and the BOA closure system ensures you are fully supported.

Click the link below to check it out!

Until next time!


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