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McDavid Knee Support Strap Review- Small but Mighty!

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Best used for

For any pain/discomfort of the patellar tendon (runners/jumpers’ knee)


When comparing knee braces and any type of athletic supports, less does usually NOT mean more when it comes to protection. However, there is definitely such a thing as overkill when it comes to bracing.

We’ve all seen the people at the Y or out for a run with their two massive braces on each knee- but it’s important to know that your knee doesn’t always need to be locked up like Fort Knox.

As someone who has had their fair share of knee injuries, I know how tempting it can be to treat your knee like an egg, especially if you’re dealing with a brand new or nagging injury and you don’t want to be sidelined or feel timid while you’re playing a sport.

I think the key is finding the minimum amount of bracing you need, as this allows the muscles around the knee to still work like they should without getting lazy and weak- a real concern if you wear knee braces too much.

Highlights- Less is more!

This is where the McDavid knee support strap review comes in. While it doesn’t look like much, do not underestimate it!

If you’re brand new to the knee brace game, this is an excellent option- especially if you have just started noticing pain in your patella tendon (front of the knee, just below your kneecap) when running, jumping, squatting, etc.

If you’ve just started to notice pain, or if its minor to moderate, I really can’t say enough about this brace.

Personally, I had my first bout with knee pain began when I was about 19, with pain in my patellar tendon. I bought this exact brace- the McDavid knee support strap- and away I went. I didn’t really know anything about bracing at the time, so I just bought what looked useful.

At this time, I was playing college baseball and soccer, and also running 20-30 miles a week.

Obviously, my knee was getting a little fed up with all the extra work. However, this brace was a godsend for me for a couple years.

As my knee pain was fairly recent, I am not exaggerating when I say this brace made the pain in my tendon go away completely, even though I didn’t decrease my workload at all- I just added the brace.

Obviously, I don’t know how each individual will react to a new brace, I can only give my own experience and it’s up to you to decide whether its worth it. But in this case, I’m really confident that if your only issue is with your patellar tendon this brace could change the game for you.

The “Science” behind it all

If you’re confused about how such a small thing could make such a huge difference in your knee, it works by placing sustained pressure directly on the tendon, which absorbs a lot of the shock the tendon would usually have to deal with and “assists” it in a way.

In theory, its actually quite simple. But its effectiveness in practice is where it wins out.


Another huge pro is that it takes roughly 2 seconds to put on as you just wrap it around your knee and Velcro it in place.

Better yet is that I NEVER had an issue with slippage with this brace. If you tighten it right on the tendon, it fits perfectly, by design, into the wedge in your knee under the kneecap and above the shin bone.

I have worn it for full 90-minute soccer games and 8+ mile runs and it’s honestly easy to forget its even there. It’s obviously extremely lightweight and minimalistic, so breathability isn’t an issue either and its perfect for running in hot climates because of this.

Drawbacks? Almost none

An obvious *drawback* is that this athletic support is only for minor to moderate pain/discomfort of the patella tendon.

If your knee is in really bad shape already, I’d probably bypass this product and move on to one of my other reviews where I look at more robust braces for debilitating knee injuries.

I would classify this knee brace as an “entry level” support for those who are just starting to wear a knee brace or are thinking about it.

The only other drawback I can think of isn’t really a drawback at all, but just an obvious observation. A strap like this is only used for bracing your patella tendon and won’t help with any sort of ACL/PCL/MCL injury, meniscus issues, major instability, etc.

Still, the amount it helps for its size is huge. Like I said at the start of this review, don’t underestimate it!

Pricing- super inexpensive and great quality!

One of the best things about this knee brace in particular is its sweet, sweet price tag.

For a relatively low price, you can have this brace. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time around this blog, you’re probably going to notice that most of the braces and athletic supports I review are in the middle-upper price range.

That’s because I find that when it comes to braces, you usually get what you pay for and cheap braces can be a waste of money.

While this brace is inexpensive, it is NOT cheap. I’ve been using this exact model on and off for 7+ YEARS now, and it still works great.


My entire goal with this blog is to help people find the best athletic supports and braces on the market that I have personally used to help them live their best life.

If a brace happens to be expensive, please trust that it is a worthwhile purchase and will work well for you. On the same token, if a brace is inexpensive rest assured that I have used it and have found it to be a huge asset which is why I recommend it.

A patella strap just like this can cost from 50-70$ if you get a more well-known brand. Please do not feel the need to do this! This McDavid brace is awesome and is really all you need if you’re suffering from patellar tendonitis.

Check it out at the link below!

Until next time!


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