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VKTRY Gold Insoles Review

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VKTRY insoles review
VKTRY gold insoles

This is my second review of VKTRY products. For the more cost friendly pair dedicated to the casual athlete in non-cleated footwear, click here for our full review of the VKTRY VK silver insoles.


Insoles for the competitive athlete that improve performance while reducing injuries to the lower legs and knees. The VK Golds have improved carbon fiber and are also excellent for cleated footwear as well as non-cleated.


In many ways, the VKTRY Gold VK insoles need little introduction. They have sold over 100,000 pairs and they are the flagship product of VKTRY. While they are more expensive than their silver counterparts, the results speak for themselves. While you might not be able to see them being worn on any given Sunday (or Saturday), VKTRY Gold insoles are being worn by several NFL players, as well as countless Division I college football, soccer, hockey, volleyball, and basketball players.

As a former college athlete myself in both baseball and soccer, I needed to give these a try. I have used the VKTRY silvers to great effect but decided to see what all the fuss was about for the gold version. Spoiler: the hype is real.


With these insoles, I found that much of what is great about the silver version is enhanced. The carbon fiber is of improved (aerospace grade carbon fiber as opposed to carbon fiber composite) and they are more customizable based on your body measurements and sport of choice.

These are also the only VKTRY product suitable for cleats, which I know many of you are. So for all the football, soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, and track athletes out there, these are the choice for you in your cleated footwear.

As the thickness of the insole is directly linked to your chosen sport, you don’t need to worry about the insole fitting into low profile cleats like soccer or track. I still play (semi) competitive soccer and I was able to pop my VKTRY golds in no problem and carry on as usual.

In general, the customization for these are also more in depth than for the silvers. There are greater options and thus a more customized fit that is perfect for you.

As the name of my game is braces and supports, I’m happy to report that these work the same as the silver edition in regard to injury prevention. However, as the silvers are not suitable for cleats and these are, I really can’t overstate the importance of using these insoles if you play sports in cleated footwear.

The prevalence of lower leg injuries is so much more prevalent and debilitating in cleated sports, which is a big reason of why I thought this review was so necessary, even after looking at the silver insoles.

VKTRY insoles review

These top flight VKTRY insoles are proven to prevent several injuries that plague football/soccer/baseball players- ankle and knee sprains, turf toe (ouch), and plantar fasciitis.

While the VKTRY insoles are stiff, this is on purpose. The added shock absorption in them has actually been proven to reduce typical foot and lower extremity injuries by 41%, including debilitating and dreaded injuries like Jones fracture and Lisfranc fracture.

While these insoles make you jump higher and run faster, they also cushion your landing. If you are outside pounding the track or running countless routes and training on unforgiving turf, the high-grade carbon fiber of the insoles allows for much greater cushioning, reducing load on the joints.

While I certainly appreciate the science behind the added speed and power, this shock absorption and improved stability is why I bought these and why I recommend them so highly. As soon as you start running/walking/playing sports with VKTRY insoles, you immediately feel the difference in how supported you are. Injury prevention is absolutely key whether you’re in middle school, a varsity player, in college, pro, or are just having fun with it at any age.

When it comes to injury prevention and supported with proper footwear, I truly believe that VKTRY gives a leg up on the competition and that is why I think everyone should give them a try. Proper support and stability work from the ground up (obviously) so toss the old flimsy foam insoles (that probably have toe holes in them) and invest in your health.

If you like what you hear so far, check out the VKTRY gold VK insoles on their website here.


While the VKTRY gold insoles should also be the primary choice for high level athletes even in non-cleated sports like basketball and volleyball, the price point is certainly higher than that of their silver counterparts. In some other reviews I have read, this price point has come up quite often even though I strongly disagree with these opinions.

A fact of life is that you get what you pay for. If you want junk, go ahead and use the flimsy insoles that came with your cleats or shoes and enjoy. But if you want high level insoles that will protect you from injury and improve performance, you are going to have to pay a little extra.

This is not to say that the VKTRY insoles are terribly expensive- they are not. They will cost you less than a pair of running shoes.

To me, these insoles are worth it for peace of mind alone. While I may not play competitive sports anymore, I don’t want to be injured anymore than the next person (who would walk my dog?!) and these should be viewed as an investment in your own health and future.

Final word:

The VKTRY gold insoles are the real deal. They do what they say, and they will keep you in the game. While they do cost as much as a pair of shoes on their own, they are well worth the price and should be used by anyone serious about their health and performance.

Until next time!


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