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VKTRY Silver Insoles Review

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VKTRY VK Silver insoles review
VKTRY Silver Insoles

(Important: Review of the VKTRY GOLD insole is coming soon!)


Insoles for the casual athlete that improve performance while reducing injuries to the lower legs and knees.


For a product as innovative and exciting as this, an introduction is certainly necessary.

Wow! Am I ever excited to review this latest product with you. In the athletic world of injury prevention, it’s extremely rare for there to be any recent developments, and even more rare for new, scientifically proven products to grace the market.

Not since the invention of Advil have I been this stoked on a new product- but stoked is exactly how I feel about the VKTRY silver performance insoles.

While these are not technically a “brace” or “support” per say, they are extremely valuable for injury prevention of the foot, ankle, knee, lower leg (shin splints), and lower back. It’s also rare that I would review something on this page that actually improves athletic performance through increased power and speed returns- but this is exactly what VKTRY insoles claim to do.


Essentially, these insoles have a carbon fiber base that reduces impact by a huge margin, lessening the force and weight that is placed on your knees and ankles. As many of us have injured our knees due to years and years of sports and pounding the pavement, this is a major asset.

The carbon fiber insole is really the bread and butter for VKTRY. It not only lessens the impact on landing, but also greatly improves how “stable” you feel while standing. When I first tried these on, this is one of the first things you notice and it’s definitely a welcome addition.

While moving is definitely when you get the most out of your VKTRY insoles. When you go through the natural running motion, the carbon fiber will bend along with your foot, and then when you push off, the energy stored within insole gets released and snaps back into place, giving you much greater power and explosiveness.

While this improved athletic performance is excellent- these have been tested frequently and have resulted in improved jumping height and length, faster sprint times, and more explosive force generated at push off- I’m going to be focusing a bit more on the important injury prevention aspect of the VK Silver insoles.

This is not meant to take away from the important performance benefits, but as braces and supports are the name of my game, I’m just trying to stay true to form 😊


When I first started using the VKTRY VK Silver insoles, the first thing I really did notice is the amazing support and stability it gave me. I really can’t say enough about this. As somebody who has flat feet, I can also say that these give incredible support and help with pronation issues.

The support given by the VK Silver insoles is vital in two ways. First, the cushioning they give on impact is superb. On foot strike, you can immediately tell that these insoles are no joke compared to what you would usually wear. To test this, simply take the insoles out of the shoes- athletic or otherwise- that you would normally wear and look at them. Compared to the VKTRY insoles, they will be flimsy, flat, with little real cushioning beyond the superficial.

The second part that is incredibly important is how the VK Silver insoles keep you supported while you are running/training/walking/existing. Obviously, having PROPER support is paramount to injury prevention.

Proper support means your bones and tendons are properly lined up, so your gait is moving as intended. Without this support, many people will suffer from knee, ankle, and foot injuries that lead from having uneven and unsupported movement- VKTRY silvers are excellent for this.

They are also completely customizable and are specific to your sport, height, and weight. A very important attribute that can’t be overlooked.

Another huge bonus is that these truly help with plantar fasciitis. Like many athletes, this PF bug has struck me more than a few times in my life, and while these insoles are not a fail-safe, they absolutely help in this regard.

It’s important to note that while VKTRY has done their own research on how well their insoles help prevent injuries, there is scientific research to back it up as well, as studies have been done by the Korey Stringer Institute scientifically verify claims of reduced injury prevalence, better shock absorption, etc.

VKTRY insoles report that their studies have concluded people using their product are 41% less likely to suffer from foot injuries, 22% less likely to suffer from lower leg injuries (ankle, shin, knee). Furthermore, the tests found that wearing these insoles from VKTRY caused 10% reduction in GRF (ground reaction forces, or how much force is applied to the ground) during walking, running, and jumping.

To simplify all of this, VKTRY insoles cushioning reduces the jarring impact when exercising, reducing the multitude of injuries and wear and tear on your body caused by this.


While the VKTRY silver insoles are absolutely incredible for the casual athlete, they definitely take some getting used to. At first, they will seem very still and firm, and the cushioning might feel a bit strange. But don’t give up on them! If my own experience and the experiences of thousands of others is any consolation, you WILL get used to them and they WILL help you.

The flimsiness of common insoles that come in our athletic shoes shouldn’t be the benchmark for insoles- it’s well worth it to get used to the VK silvers to reap their benefits.

Final Word

If you’re a casual or competitive athlete (in non-cleated footwear- check out the VK Gold review for cleated shoes) the VK Silver insoles are the real deal. Injury prevention is a massive part of this, as these significantly reduce the probability and severity of ankle, foot, and knee injuries.

The price point on these is also very reasonable!

At this point in my athletic career, the added power and speed benefits are certainly appreciated but not a deal breaker. If your main goal is improved performance, these are a great option, but I’d also make a point of checking out the VK Gold insoles.

Until next time!


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