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Bracelayer KX2 Review- Knee Stabilizing Pants!

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Bracelayer KX2 review knee stabilizing pants
(Image used with permission from Bracelayer)

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General knee stability, meniscus tear, compression, improved circulation, recovery.


I first started wearing Bracelayer over a year ago and I haven’t looked back.

In case you can’t tell from the picture, the knee support is built directly INTO the pants to create a seamless compression and bracing experience.

Using perforated neoprene on the knees, they act as skintight knee sleeves that keep you extremely well supported through a variety of sports and activities. The neoprene support also works its way up your legs to support the hips and IT bands, as well as the lower back.

Bracelayer knee stabilizing pants review technology
Bracelayer Technology (Image used with permission from Bracelayer)


When I first entered the knee brace game, it was just taken for granted that the knee brace or sleeves was separate from

whatever type of clothes you were wearing.

However, these pants flipped the script by incorporating compression pants with supportive knee sleeves. This particular model, the KX2, is their most supportive edition with the thickest neoprene.

I use these pants for everything, and they have performed extremely well in whatever test I’ve put them through. Because the KX2 is the most supportive, I’ve put them through the ringer in baseball, soccer, basketball, running, biking, and even rigorous weight sessions in the gym. While they aren’t actually bracing your knees like a traditional strap up knee brace is, there’s no doubt that you’re getting a tremendous amount of support from these pants and you’ll be able to tell how much they are really working for you as soon as you put them on.

Highlights- No more slippage!

There are a couple of things that really stand out when it comes to Bracelayer compression pants. The biggest upside of these is that you no longer have to choose between A) having your knee brace slide down over your normal compression pants, or B) trying to squeeze your knee brace under your normal spandex and looking extremely odd while ruining your pants.

A really important concept these pants put into action is how they can be used as a base layer under your regular knee brace and are specifically designed to keep your knee brace up by preventing slippage.

When I first purchased Bracelayer, I was skeptical of this claim as knee brace slippage had been a never-ending battle which I felt I was destined to lose, and I resigned myself to the fact that I would always be pulling at my knee brace mid exercise to counteract the constant movement. But because of the texture of the neoprene, my knee braces have stuck MUCH better in their intended spot. This is no small revelation- a brace in the wrong spot can make for an extremely unhappy knee and will lead to lessened support and an increased risk of injury.

Another great aspect of the Bracelayer pants putting a halt to migrating knee braces is that it works with a variety of different supports.

For example, I have used just about every type of knee brace by this point with the pants; from large hinged Donjoy braces to Velcro braces to Bauerfeind sleeves. With all varieties, I have gotten to experience how much better my brace is locked in place. By doing this, you also get the double benefit of the compression and stability from the built in Bracelayer sleeves themselves, along with whatever extra support you get from your usual brace.


The KX2 in particular is often my go-to pair of compression pants simply because I enjoy the extra protection and stability they give. With all products I review, I always feel the need to give some sort of drawback and this often varies in difficulty depending on the product in question.

For the KX2, it was fairly difficult for me to find things I didn’t like about them aside from minor drawbacks. First, there is no getting around the fact that your knees WILL get hot and sweaty when wearing the KX2’s. Even though the neoprene is vented for breathability, its still a fairly thick sleeve of neoprene fully wrapped around your knee. A caveat here is that they are SUPPOSED to keep you warm as the increased circulation and blood flow from this are important aspects of keeping a knee safe and healthy, before or after exercise.

However, the KX2’s in particular can get very sweaty when you are doing intense exercise. If you want something lighter and even more breathable, check out my review on the KXV’s, also by Bracelayer.


Other than the question of heat and sweatiness that I experience with the KX2’s, I would just be reaching in trying to find other cons, but I’ll touch on some frequently asked questions: In terms of sizing, I think they are bang on. I have heard others talk about how they think they run slightly small, but this is hogwash in my opinion. I got my usual size and that has been fine.

They are COMPRESSION pants after all, and should have a “second skin” feel, as looseness would cause a loss of benefits. For durability, you’ll also have no issue. As soon as you pick them up, you’ll be able to feel how high quality they are, and I have never had a problem with premature rips or tears.

Other Uses

A final key point is that compression pants, and Bracelayer in particular, shouldn’t be counted out in the discussion surrounding recovery and post-activity wear. Compression has long been known to be beneficial for recovery, and adding in the support on your knees, hips, IT bands and lower back is a recipe for a happier body that will be able to bounce back more quickly.

If cold weather sports are more your forte, Bracelayer also has the KX2 Alpine that offers the same protection but includes thermal properties. If you’re a hockey player, there’s the KX2 Redline that includes a pocket for your jock and Velcro for hockey sock attachment.

The bottom line is that the KX2’s are a must have, not just for those who suffer from knee injuries but anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

If you want to grab these, check them out on the official Bracelayer website!

Also, check out our "Resources" section for an additional 15% off your Bracelayer purchase!

Until next time!

(All images used with permission from Bracelayer)


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