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Best Knee Braces for Soccer- The Top 6!

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Best knee braces for soccer

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the blog here on Rapid Rabbit Braces. I’m happy you’re here, and thank you for reading! If you are new to the site, welcome! And if you’ve listened (read) me ramble on before, welcome back!

Today we are talking soccer knee braces, which I realized is something I haven’t talked about in depth yet.

Since we are moving quickly into the heart of summer and soccer is ramping up for both competitive and recreation leagues, I figured this is the best time to talk soccer knee braces and supports.

Soccer can be unforgiving on the knees, whether you are a seasoned veteran playing in a masters league or a fresh faced high schooler playing for your JV team.

It’s not just the running that is tough on the knees either- the constant stopping and starting, cutting in and out, and brutal turf surfaces that you need to contend with are rough as well. Not to mention cleats are notoriously hard on the knees as they lack support and cushioning- but see the bonus section at the beginning of the article for something that might help you out there :)

So without further delay, here is my tried and true list for the best knee braces for soccer.

DonJoy Performance Bionic Knee Support Brace

The DonJoy performance bionic knee brace is a really great starting point, and a good 'middle ground' on this list. IMPORTANT to note that this brace is different from the DonJoy performance bionic FULLSTOP knee brace which is at the end of this list- that one is a lot more heavy duty.

Think of this brace as the little brother of the 'Fullstop' knee brace. While it protects much of the same things like knee and patella instability while protecting from lateral movement in the knee, it does so with a lower, lighter profile than its older brother.

Of course, the amount of support isn't the same- so that's up to you to decide how much support you need!

If you need a moderate amount of support without the bulk, check out the DonJoy Performance Bionic knee brace here, directly on Amazon.

VKTRY Gold VK Carbon Fiber Performance Insoles

top knee braces for soccer
VKTRY VK Gold Insoles

While not a knee brace, the VKTRY gold insoles are the best thing to happen for the knees, joints, and performance of cleated athletes for a VERY long time.

VKTRY insoles are the bedrock of cleated footwear, and are one of the best products for soccer I have ever used. They are springy for added performance, but they also provide an unparalleled level of support that works to line up your entire lower half, and provide unbelievable shock absorption for those long, brutal games on turf! Turf, which is just a thin layer over concrete, can be brutal on your knees- this product by VKTRY is the great equalizer.

These are built specifically for cleated footwear, and as soon as you try them you will feel a massive difference. I have flat feet and they have practically saved my athletic “career” at this point due to the amount of knee pain they have relieved for me. While they do take some getting used to, I can’t imagine playing soccer without my VK’s in ever again- and that's why they are some of the best "knee braces" for soccer! ;)

Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee support

best knee brace for soccer
Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Support

The Bauerfeind Genutrain Knee Support is a really great “do it all brace” for soccer as it is phenomenal in a variety of different ways.

First, it has two flexible yet durable ‘stays’ on either side of the brace that help a LOT with instability and pain.

For a long time, and especially when running and playing soccer, I the inner part of my knee had pain when twisting and turning and always felt a little unstable, and I had a hard time trusting it when playing hard.

The Bauerfeind Genutrain changed all that- as soon as I put it on, you immediately feel the support from the stays and it gives you a lot of confidence WITHOUT hindering movement or flexibility.

It’s also extremely lightweight and breathable. So while it may not offer the same amount of support as the “bionic” braces, it’s also not nearly as cumbersome and rigid.

This knee support is also one of the best knee braces for soccer as it offers great compression along with support, and it has the gel pad that surrounds your knee cap to keep everything locked in while also helping with jumper’s knee or patellar tendonitis, a common ailment for soccer players.

If you’ve already made up your mind and this sounds like the brace for you, you can check it out here, directly on Amazon.

Also, this support pairs really well with the next brace on the list, the Bracelayer KXV.

Bracelayer KXV

best knee supports for soccer
Bracelayer KXV Knee Compression Pant

The Bracelayer KXV is a truly tremendous product, and another one of my all time favorites. If you are unfamiliar with the product itself, they are essentially compression pants or leggings to be worn under your shorts, but they have neoprene knee sleeves built directly into them (see photo)

If you need a full rundown on Bracelayer and what they are all about, feel free to check out my full review on the Bracelayer KXV pants here.

The KXV’s are absolutely awesome for soccer as they are the thinnest and most lightweight of all Bracelayer products. The KXV is the only ¾ length Bracelayer product which is great for soccer, and the bottom part that goes onto the calf is also mesh instead of full lycra, which is great for breathability on hot summer days on the soccer pitch.

In terms of support, Bracelayer is great if you have minor knee soreness and instability and are looking for some extra bracing while playing without sacrificing any mobility at all.

The neoprene sleeves are also compression and the whole pants have a second skin feel. They are super comfortable- AND they also offer great protection on the knees against turf burn! This was always a huge bonus for me.

So with the turf burn protection and the extra support, these are a can’t miss. And because the sleeves are built right into the pants, you don’t have to worry about any slippage.

For an added tip, you can also pair more traditional knee braces with the Bracelayer KVX if you have problem with knee brace slippage- a common problem in soccer where there is so much movement. Just put your normal knee brace on as usual over the Bracelayer, and the texture will keep them up- seriously!

McDavid Knee Support Strap

The McDavid knee strap is the very definition of small but mighty. While it doesn’t look like much, this is an amazing product that I have used on and off for years in soccer.

While the McDavid knee strap works well as one of the best soccer knee braces, it’s important to note that this is only for patellar tendonitis- also known as jumper’s knee.

If you have pain in the tendon below the kneecap when running, this is the product for you.

The velcro allows you to adjust the tightness how you want, and the foam pad presses directly into the patella tendon, alleviating pain when running on the pitch or jumping for headers. It also disperses shock and pressure on every step, helping you heal.

If you need some help dealing with patellar tendonitis while playing soccer, check out the McDavid knee strap here, directly on Amazon.

Donjoy Performance Fullstop Bionic Knee Brace

For those of you who have knee issues that are a little more serious than anything recommended on this list so far, I’ll recommend something a little more heavy duty. A good friend of mine who I played soccer with for years recommended this brace to me, so I am passing on his experience to you!

The Donjoy performance fullstop bionic knee brace is a big deal in a lot of ways. First, its the best brace on this list if you deal with serious ACL, meniscus, and major instability issues in the knee. The hinges on the sides of this brace are high quality and work extremely well to keep you locked in.

However, this brace is a big deal in another way- it’s quite bulky. So while it does the absolute best job making your unstable knee the best version of itself during soccer games, this is certainly the largest brace I would recommend for soccer.

However, a brace of this magnitude can also provide a high level of confidence in players who have serious knee issues- which is why I wholeheartedly recommend it.

If you need a lot of extra support, check this one out directly on Amazon.


And there you have it! Here are my top recommendations for the best knee braces for soccer.

Also- if you ever have any trouble keeping your knee braces up, please try out bracelayer, which is truly a revolutionary product for this!

Until next time!


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